Dave Clark Autograph Very Early photograph

Dave Clark Autographed Very Early photograph

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Dave Clark Autograph Very Early photograph

Dave Clark Autograph Very Early photograph. Black and white image signed in blue ballpoint pen.



David ‘Dave’ Clark. (born 15 December 1939 or 1942) is an English musician, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. The leader, drummer and manager of the 1960s beat group the Dave Clark Five, the first British Invasion band to follow the Beatles to America in 1964. In 2008 Clark and his band were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Clark is a successful entrepreneur and a multi-millionaire. He owns a £12 million house in West London. From the outset, Clark owned the rights to all the Dave Clark Five music masters and in 1993 he released remastered versions of all their singles on a CD, Glad All Over Again. In the late 1960s, in addition to managing his band. Clark began directing and producing for television. In 1968 he made a “very successful” television production, Hold On, It’s the Dave Clark Five.

In the 1980s he acquired the rights to the 1960s UK music show Ready Steady Go!.

On the release of a (DC5) British hits album in the mid-’70s, Clark resided in the US for a year, thus avoiding paying UK taxes in Britain on the proceeds of that release. The British government challenged this but lost the case in court.