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Authentic Amy Winehouse Autographs

Born Amy Jade Winehouse on September 14, 1983, in the suburb of Southgate in London, England. Her Father, Mitch Winehouse, worked as a cab driver, while mother Janis employed as a pharmacist. In her early years, Winehouse was immersed in music; many of her uncles on her mother’s side were professional jazz musicians, and her father sang as a child with his family.

At the age of 12, Winehouse was accepted into the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School, and a year later she received her first guitar. But by the age of 16, Winehouse was expelled for “not applying herself” and piercing her nose. That same year, she caught her first big break when a schoolmate and close friend, pop singer Tyler James, passed her demo tape to his label, A&R, who was searching for a jazz vocalist. The opportunity led her to a record deal with Island/Universal.

Authentic Amy Winehouse Autographs

Amy Winehouse autograph

Debut Album: ‘Frank’

Her debut album, Frank (2003), was a critically acclaimed mixture of jazz, pop, soul, and hip-hop. The album was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize as well as two BRIT awards for Best Female Solo Artist and Best Urban Act. The debut single on the album, “Stronger Than Me,” earned the new artist an Ivor Novello award. Frank also hit double platinum status.

During this time, Winehouse began developing a reputation as an unstable party girl; often showing up to her club or TV performances too drunk to sing a whole set. She also started a tumultuous, on-again-off-again relationship with music video assistant Blake Fielder-Civil who admitted to introducing Amy Winehouse houses to hard drugs. In public, the couples’ arguments often devolved into fistfights and dramatic scenes. In private, their romance cantered around drugs, alcohol and physical abuse.

Authentic Amy Winehouse Autographs

‘Back to Black’

By 2006, her management company finally suggested that Winehouse enter rehab for alcohol abuse. Instead, she dumped the company and turned the experience into the lead single for her second, critically acclaimed album Back to Black (2006). The song “Rehab,” which addressed her refusal to receive treatment for substance abuse, became a Top 10 hit in the United Kingdom and earned the artist another Ivor Novello award for the best contemporary song. The album was also a critical success, winning the artist a BRIT award for Best Female Solo Artist and a BRIT nomination for Best British Album in 2007.

Less than a month after her BRIT win, Back to Black made its American debut. It was an instant smash, hitting higher on the Billboard music charts than any other American debut by a British female recording artist in history. The album stayed in the Top 10 for several months; selling one million copies by the end of that summer, with “Rehab” becoming a top 10 U.S. hit as well.

Authentic Amy Winehouse Autographs

Amy winehouse handwritten note signed

Marriage and Erratic Behaviour

In April of 2007, Amy Winehouse autographs and Blake Fielder-Civil engaged. Winehouse revealed that her romance with the 23-year-old was the inspiration for several of the Back to Black tracks. The couple eloped and married on May 18, 2007, in a ceremony in Miami, Florida.

Winehouse, an admitted marijuana smoker, was dogged by reports of continued drug abuse and strange behaviour. On August 8, 2007, the singer overdosed on several drugs and hospitalized. First claiming exhaustion, Winehouse later told the News of the World that she overdosed after she had used a mix of heroin, cocaine; ecstasy, ketamine, whisky, and vodka during a bar crawl in London. The episode put a planned tour of North America on hold. August 21, 2007, announcement indicated that Winehouse was ordered to rest; and was working with doctors to address her health.

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Authentic Amy Winehouse Autographs and memorabilia

Amy Winehouse signature

hand written letter by Amy Winehouse to Husband Blake

Handwritten letter Amy wrote to her husband Blake.

Arrests and Cancelled Appearances

Winehouse’s European tour in the fall of 2007, however, scheduled to continue. But while in Norway in October of 2007, an anonymous tip led police to the star’s hotel in Bergen; where she arrested and held in prison overnight for marijuana possession. Winehouse, her husband Fielder-Civil and a third unidentified person jailed. The trio released after paying $715 in fines.

In November 2007, Winehouse’s husband arrested again for allegedly offering a $400,000 bribe to a bartender whom he had allegedly assaulted in June 2007. Following his arrest, Amy Winehouse autographs showed up in mid-November at Birmingham’s National Indoor Arena; to perform seemingly intoxicated and some of the crowd responded with boos and walk-outs. Winehouse cancelled all concerts and public appearances for the rest of 2007; again citing “doctor’s orders.” A month later, Amy Winehouse house arrested on suspicion of attempting to interfere with Blake’s case. She voluntarily reported to a police station and arrested before questioning. She later blamed her husband’s legal woes for her inability to continue her tour.


Amy Winehouse autograph 8

An Attempted Comeback

Regardless of personal setbacks, 2009 proved another strong year for Winehouse. In 2008, the album Back to Black classed as the second-highest selling album in the world, and in 2009; she earned entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Grammy Awards Won by a British Female Act.”

Additionally, Winehouse announced that she was starting her own record label, Lioness Records; later signing her 13-year-old goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield, as the first musician on the label.



Houses where Amy Winehouse lived

When Amy moved to Camden she bought a flat in Jeffrey’s Place (3B), she then moved around the corner to her first house owned by Amy Winehouse autograph in Camden was 25 Prowse Place. She had many good years there plus also some bad times. The media would often harass her waiting for her to come outside and fans would stay by hoping to get a glimpse or get an Amy Winehouse autographs. They were no gates to this property hence it being easy for them to get a glimpse of Amy.


25 Prowse Place Amy Winehouse houseAmy Winehouse outside her house at 25 Prowse Place Camden London

In 2009, Amy moved away from Camden after her divorce from Blake. She was on holiday for 2 months in St Lucia to keep off the drugs. It reported:

“Camden holds a lot of bad memories – especially the time spent there with Blake. So while she was away, her mum Janis went house-hunting on Amy’s behalf, looking at pads near her own.

“She found a Regency-style four-bedroom townhouse in a middle-class, suburban area in Barnet. At around £1.4million it wasn’t cheap but Amy can afford it. Janis wants Amy close to her, so she can keep a strict eye on her daughter.

“The move is to ensure Amy stays out of harm’s way and focuses on making great music.”

amy winehouse house barnet londonamy winehouse house barnet london outside

Greenbrook Ave, the house that Amy Winehouse rented before moving back to Camden.




Sadly, at the end of her life, Amy Winehouse‘s enormous talent overshadowed by her addiction to drugs and alcohol. The singer died tragically on July 23, 2011, at the age of 27 from accidental alcohol poisoning.

Winehouse’s life and career in the focus of the critically acclaimed documentary Amy; which hit theatres in 2015. While the work widely celebrated; receiving an Academy Award in 2016 for best documentary, the less than flattering portrayal of Amy Winehouse Autographs father upset her family. The family released a statement through a spokesperson is shown Amy shown at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival; stating that the project “is a missed opportunity to celebrate her life and talent and that it is both misleading and contains some basic untruths.”

She died in her Camden House at 30, Camden Square, London. Her father used the premises as part of the Amy Winehouse autograph Foundation charity but then sold the property. Originally listed for £2.8 Million the house sold for £1.9 Million during an auction.


amy winehouse house 30 camden square london


Amy Winehouse autograph examples

Rare full name autograph from Amy Winehouse from 2004.



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Signed ticket from 2006
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Signed photograph from 2008
Tears Dry Own Their Own 7″ signed by Amy
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