Angus Young Autographs | AC/DC Signed Memorabilia

Angus Young Autographs | AC/DC Signed Memorabilia


Authentic Angus Young Autographs | AC/DC Signed Memorabilia. Buy genuine signed Angus Young memorabilia here at AutographSale.




Angus Young; born on March 31, 1955 in Glasgow, Scotland. At school, Angus an unenthusiastic student. His only real academic interest was art which allowed him some freedom of expression. He gave up school at 15 and went to work for a soft porn magazine called Ribald as a printer. His ambitions laid elsewhere anyway; and for a year prior to leaving school Angus had been practising guitar almost constantly, jamming around with friends and playing at school dances.

In the beginning, Angus messed around with brother Malcolm Young’s guitars for years before his mother finally bought him his own, a cheap little acoustic. At eleven Angus had flirted with a tutorial course; but prefered to learn by himself and most of his musical education was pure trial and error. While his older brother Malcolm Young was hatching plans for his new band, Angus was well on his way toward establishing a distinctive stage persona. His seemingly out-of-control onstage body language has always come naturally. Such trademark Angus moves as his patented duckwalk could be handy attention-getting devices when playing for drunken, rowdy barroom crowds. Many of these gestures grew out of accidents.

One night Tantrum, the pre-AC/DC band Angus was playing with, was going down really badly. Angus walked across the stage and tripped over the guitar lead, so he kept running across the floor. He made it look like a death scene, screaming all hell from the guitar. The only clap they got that night. Angus told his brother about it. Malcolm Young asked him to join the band he was putting together.


AC/DC Signed Memorabilia

AC/DC are an Australian rock band formed in Sydney in 1973 by Scottish-born brothers Malcolm and Angus Young autographs. Although their music has been variously described as hard rock, blues rock, and heavy metal, the band themselves call it simply “rock and roll”.

AC/DC underwent several line-up changes before releasing their first album, 1975’s High Voltage. Membership subsequently stabilised around the Young brothers, singer Bon Scott, drummer Phil Rudd, and bassist Mark Evans. Evans, fired from the band in 1977 and replaced by Cliff Williams, who has appeared on every AC/DC album since 1978’s Powerage. In February 1980, Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning after a night of heavy drinking. The group considered disbanding but elected to stay together, bringing in longtime Geordie vocalist Brian Johnson as Scott’s replacement. Later that year, the band released their first album with Johnson, Back in Black, which dedicated to Scott’s memory. The album launched AC/DC autographs to new heights of success and became one of the best selling albums of all time.



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