Where to buy genuine autographs?

A guide into where to buy genuine autographs. The autograph industry has become one of the biggest hobbies of all time; being excited from meeting celebrities to having something that a famous person has signed.

Although they are sadly thousands of fake autographs for every genuine celebrity signature. The autograph industry has also shown to be great investments for collectors or investment groups.

We also recommend that buyers do great research into a signature before they are going to purchase any, known where to buy genuine autographs is a great peace of mind for everyone.

They are third-party authenticators offering their services but over the years many of them have made great mistakes which leads buyers into buying fake autographs where they believe are genuine.

First rule into where to buy genuine autographs

A first rule of the guide we recommend is to buy an autograph from trusted autograph sellers who are with the UACC. These governed bodies where every dealer vetted before they’re approved. Constant monitoring is also included in this so people know they are safe to buy genuine autographs from that seller.

Only buy autographs from sellers who offer full refunds on their items which lasts forever. This means if in fact, they made a mistake you will always guaranteeĀ to receive a full refund. Few sellers do this but AutographSale does and we are proud of offer this since we know all our autographs are genuine.

Certificates of Authenticity

Certificate of Authenticity is also a grey area when buying autographs. Even if it does come with one of these also do background checks as anyone can print a piece of paper saying this autograph is genuine.

In this we suggest that each Certificate of Authenticity (COA) has an image of the signature; full name and address of the seller with all contact information. So if there’s ever a problem the seller can be contacted. I don’t trust the PO. Box etc so also watch out for this.

UACC directory databases on their website so the full name and address plus websites of each approved dealer.

Autograph Examples

They are many great sites to check where to buy genuine autographs; for you to compare with any item you are looking to purchase. We offer many examples on our Blog but also have another website which much more depth and detail into many genuine autograph examples. This can be found here: Autograph Examples.

The beatles autographs. Where to buy genuine autographs?