C’mon Inn East Kilbride The Kilby Roslyn Cleary John Rocks

C’mon Inn East Kilbride The Kilby Roslyn Cleary John Rocks

Beware of the C’mon Inn East Kilbride The Kilby Roslyn Cleary John Rocks. Stealing memorabilia from local company.


Address: 56 Alloway Road. East Kilbride G74 3SD




The woman who now runs The C’mon Inn – (Roslyn Cleary) her son (John Rocks) in goodwill took memorabilia from my company (a local business) to sell via the pub/shop and also run raffles. Reason was to get funds for the shop and also helps me clear some stock. (My partner was going through cancer treatment so I didn’t have time myself and the extra cash would be a bonus during the tough times). Total Amount £1660


The pub/shop did run raffles, bonus balls and also ask punters to buy this memorabilia. Sadly, the shop and the owners son haven’t and also refused to pay for any of this. They have ripped off a local business man who was trying to help them out.


C’Mon Inn East Kilbride

11 months now and still waiting.
When I asked for my money I was given death threats, police have been notified. This is the type of people who run C’Mon Inn East Kilbride.
I posted this on Facebook and after so many shares got a response by Roslyn, who promised to pay me back if I removed the post. I did so, received 3 small payments (£600) and now nothing at all.
They now don’t respond and by the looks of it have no intention to pay for these items. I would say to anyone dealing with this lot to beware of what they offer and what they promise.


Calderwood East Kilbride Pub C’mon Inn

If you Google (John Rocks Paisley) you will see her son has been jailed for murder in the past stealing from a man then battering him and then dying from injuries caused by his attack.