Led Zeppelin Autographs and Autograph Examples

Led Zeppelin Autographs and Autograph Examples

Led Zeppelin Autographs and Autograph Examples | Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Bonham and John Paul Jones.

One of the biggest rock bands in history, Led Zeppelin grew massively in the late ’60s and throughout the 70s; by playing worldwide in many venues such as concert halls and stadiums. The band consisted of members; Jimmy Page (guitar), Robert Plant (Vocals), John Bonham (drums) and John Paul Jones (bass).

Once classed as being better than The Beatles at one point in their career Led Zeppelin; to date, they are still one of the highest regarded bands by many of today’s artists.


Due to their massive popularity, Led Zeppelin autographs and memorabilia is a top piece of collectable by all music fans and collectors alike. Item’s used and once owned by the band very rarely come up on the memorabilia market but when they do they receive bids of extremely high figures.

Autographs being another piece of top collectables of Led Zeppelin memorabilia. Fully signed items such as albums, photographs or piece of paper are very desirable by all fans. Due to these high demands and prices, partly signed pieces are easy to collect as they are more readily available.

This being said, the number of fake autographs have been flooding the market due to the high demand for fans and collectors to buy genuine Led Zeppelin autographs.

Here are some Authentic Led Zeppelin Autographs Examples

Led Zeppelin autographs early set

An early set of Led Zeppelin Autographs

Led Zeppelin autographs 1968-12-29-portland-autographs

1968 Set of autographs from Portland

Led Zeppelin autographs and autograph examples 1970_iceland_hotel

Iceland hotel 1970 Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham


Signed to Italian fan Marco

Led Zeppelin 2 autographs for saleLed Zeppelin autographs 2 album

Led Zeppelin 2 fully signed

Led Zeppelin autographs 1979

Competition prize from Melody Maker 1979

Led Zeppelin autographs and autograph examples

Nice bold signatures

Led Zeppelin autographs houses of the holy

Houses of the Holy fully signed, obtained in 1977. Jimmy Page approx 2000

Nice set obtained Jan 1979

Being collectors and massive fans of Led Zeppelin, we will always interested in purchased signed items. If you have any that you wish to sell please contact us.

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