Black Sabbath Reunion autographs CD


Black Sabbath autographed Reunion CD. Cover signed in the middle pages during a signing session. Signed in silver marker by all four original members: Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward.

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Black Sabbath autographs Reunion CD

Black Sabbath autographs Reunion CD Cover signed in the center pages at a signing session. Signed in silver pen by all four original members. Ozzy Osbourne. Tony Iommi. Geezer Butler and Bill Ward. The last live album by all 4 original members.


The band originally from Birmingham, England in 1968. Tony Iommi lead guitarist. Bassist and main songwriter Geezer Butler. Singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne. Drummer William Bill Ward. The band has many line up changes. Iommi being the only constant member of the band. Ordinarily started as a blues-rock band called Earth. The group soon became the Black Sabbath sound and began playing occult themes. With horror-inspired lyrics and tuned down guitars.

Ozzy Osbourne had regular use of alcohol and drugs. Together with this, it led to him being sacked from the band in 1979.  Additionally Rainbow singer; Ronnie James Dio then replaced Ozzy. Following two albums with Dio. Black Sabbath endured countless member changes in the 1980s and 1990s. Which included  Ian Gillan from Deep Purple; Glenn Hughes; Ray Gillen and Tony Martin. As well as many drummers and bassists. In 1992; Iommi and Butler rejoined Dio with drummer Vinny Appice to record Dehumanizer. The original line-up reunited with Osbourne in 1997. They released a live album called Reunion. Black Sabbath’s final studio album and nineteenth named 13. Moreover Features all the original members, apart from Bill Ward. A year after embarking on a farewell tour. The band played their final concert in their home city of Birmingham on the 4th February 2017.

Furthermore, Black Sabbath autographs have now become a highlight to any autograph collector and fan due to the band being so highly sought after. The founding fathers of Heavy Metal and their autographs will dramatically increase in value over the years Black Sabbath autographs