John Bonham Autograph Led Zeppelin 2 Album Lp

John Bonham Autograph Led Zeppelin 2 Album Lp. Hand signed by John in blue ballpoint pen.

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John Bonham Autograph Led Zeppelin 2 Album Lp

John Bonham Autograph Led Zeppelin 2 Album Lp. Hand signed by John Bonham in blue ballpoint pen.


Furthermore, John Bonham Autograph is still often voted in polls as the greatest and the most influential rock drummer of all time; an opinion which has also been expressed by the likes of Queen drummer Roger Taylor, Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters/Nirvana and also Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

At the age of five, he started playing the drums using a makeshift kit and later progressed to real drums. His influences included American jazz drummers such as Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich. He played in a series of bands and formed an association with Robert Plant through Band of Joy, who combined blues, psychedelics and different musical workouts. According to Robert Plant: “Bonzo was adamant to getting it right. Everything that he listened to he could go beyond; not only could he recreate it but he could take it somewhere new.

He knew that he’s a powerhouse among drummers. We seemed to have a great affinity for each other.”

Although John Bonham autograph for sale and Plant went their separate ways after Band of Joy; they reunited in The New Yardbirds, which already featured Jimmy Page. John Paul Jones joined and this led to the formation of Led Zeppelin, who released their first album in 1969. They went on to become the biggest rock band of the 1970s, achieving extraordinary success in the United States in particular.


Bonham died at Jimmy Page’s house aged 32 in 1980. He had a reputation as a heavy drinker and had drunk too much vodka in the 24 hours before his death; which caused vomiting and asphyxiation. The coroner returned a verdict of accidental death. Led Zeppelin announced they’re finished as a band. According to Jimmy Page, the band could not continue without him, he was so important to their sound. They didn’t play again as Led Zeppelin memorabilia until Live Aid (1985); which included Plant’s solo drummer Phil Collins and The Power Station’s Tony Thompson; replacing him in a performance which disowned by the band.

Bonham’s son, Jason Bonham, become a successful drummer himself and a member of Led Zeppelin autographs for subsequent reunion performances.

Authentic John Bonham autograph for sale.