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Rock Aid Armenia Autographs David Gilmour, Ian Gillan, Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Downes. Smoke on the Water Lp.

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Rock Aid Armenia Autographs David Gilmour, Ian Gillan, Bruce Dickinson and Geoff Downes

Smoke on the water Lp Rock Aid Armenia signed by the rock stars. Ian Gillan of Deep Purple and Geoff Downes of Yes and Asia signed in black marker. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd autograph in gold marker. Also, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden signed in blue pen. Overall in good condition.


The Rock Aid Armenia, also known in earlier stages as Live Aid Armenia; was an effort by the British music industry to raise money to help those affected by the 1988 Armenian earthquake.

Initiated by the international charity campaigner Jon Dee; the project comprised a number of singles; compilations and a documentary. Also, the Record label Life-Aid Armenia Records was established for producing and distributing the releases by Rock Aid Armenia.

All of the Rock Aid Armenia projects were organized by Jon Dee. Furthermore, Dee started the project after managing the satellite transmission of footage from the Armenian earthquake zone which was distributed to TV newsrooms worldwide.

The project is most remembered for a re-recording of Deep Purple’s famous hit song; “Smoke on the Water”; all in all with different vocalists singing each verse. Overall the single made it to the UK Top 40 Singles Chart. Then the Single was recorded by a top group of rock; hard rock and heavy metal musicians who gathered at the historic Metropolis Studios in Chiswick; London.

The rock musicians involved with the song included Bryan Adams; As well as, Ritchie Blackmore; Bruce Dickinson; Geoff Downes; together with, Keith Emerson; Ian Gillan; David Gilmour; Tony Iommi; Alex Lifeson; Brian May; Paul Rodgers; Chris Squire and Roger Taylor. In fact, the song’s producers were Gary Langan and Geoff Downes. Gillan’s manager Phil Banfield also helped out with talent recruitment. B-Side for the release was “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath.