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Welcome to AutographSale, we have been in the autograph and memorabilia business since 1998. There’s not much that we haven’t owned/sold or came across over the years. Buying Sports Autographs Memorabilia can be quite daunting, they are so many websites, so many forgeries online and who can you trust.

Here at AutographSale we have so much experience in dealing with authentic signed memorabilia. In the autograph business they are two main govern bodies in the autograph field; the UACC (Universal Autograph Collectors Club). To become a Registered Autograph Dealer everyone goes through strict vetting policies and offer Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on all items sold. Known our items are genuine we don’t have any issues offering this to our customers. Every item sold, comes complete with our Certificate of Authenticity (COA); These contain our contact details, details of the item and also the logos of the UACC. Sports Autographs uk.


Football Autographs

Football autographs and memorabilia is our biggest department within the Sports Autograph Industry. Personally, we hold private signing sessions with the sportsmen to offer the best signature and signed item we can aquire. Also, we have trade deals with other memorabilia companies that we work together with so this broadens our stock to offer more variety of footballs and football teams.


Autographed sports memorabilia

Some of the greats we have had the pleasure to have are Pele, Brazilian Internationalist. Lionel Messi, Barcelona legend and Argentina Internationalist. Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese professional footballer who’s played with Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. Steven Gerrard, English professional football autographs manager and former player for Liverpool who manages Scottish Premiership club Rangers. Diego Maradona, Argentine professional footballer, currently the coach of Argentine Primera DivisiĆ³n club Gimnasia de La Plata.


pele autograph charity auctionmessi autograph charity auctionsteven gerrard autograph charity auctionCristiano Ronaldo autograph sports autographs and memorabilia



Boxing Autographs

Another section of sports autographs on sale is Boxing Autographs; as being a fan of boxing for years this is a passion for us. Boxing Autographs can be more rarer at times as these fighters; can be hard to gain access to unless its a paid signing session which we hold. Since they are less worldwide known boxers compared to footballers the prices of these can be slighty more.

Besides, some of the greats we’ve managed to obtain over the years is Mike Tyson. George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Joe Frazier and the late great Muhammad Ali. Other’s can be obtained via our suppliers but these four are the biggest names in the industry. When signed are done with the boxing legends they are certain things that collectors love to buy, these can range from signed boxing gloves, signed trunks, signed robes and autographed photographs.


mike tyson autographs boxing gloveslennox lewis autographs boxing glove memorabilia Sports Autographs Memorabiliageorge foreman autographed trunks sports autographs




Darts Autographs

In this field Darts Autographs is a fairly new sport for us to start collecting. So far to date we managed to obtain certain Darts players such as Phil “The Power” Taylor and Bobby George. The items from these sportsmen are signed shirts and also signed photographs.

Here are some examples:


Phil Taylor autograph darts shirt sports autographs and memorabilia Phil Taylor autograph darts shirt 3Bobby George autograph darts shirt 1 darts autographs for salePhil Taylor autograph darts photo 1Phil Taylor autograph darts photo 2





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