The Beatles Autographs Value

The Beatles Autographs value. How much are the Beatles Autographs worth?

Details of The Beatles Autographs Value. We all know that The Beatles sang money Can’t Buy Me Love but, it can certainly buy you great memorabilia from the Beatles, such as the Beatles autographs.

Autographs from The Beatles are the most sought after for any music fan and collector.

The Beatles Autographs value

Every year these increase in value but many factors come into place such as the condition of the item that signed. Which year the autographs are from. In 1963 their autographs were more easily obtained compared to the late ’60s. The later years are the more valuable autographs of The Beatles.

Signed photographs are the highest in demand, which means the highest priced. Along with autographs albums. Again, later albums such as Abbey Road and The White album being the highest values. Sgt Peppers signed Lp sold back in 2013 for $290,000. Abbey Road would be reaching $500,000. A Hard Day’s Night also sold in 2017 for $60,000.

A please, Please, Me album signed on the rear sold in 2018 for $32,000 from a Beatles collector:

beatles-autographed-please-please-me bea

The most common autographs are usually on pieces of paper. Full sets from 1963 (condition depending) would be around £3000 – £4500. 1964 – 1965 the Beatles autographs would reach between £4000 – £6000.

The beatles autographs mid 1963 the beatles autographs value

Handwritten letters by the band go for high amounts. Depending on the content and who they were written to. In 2016, a Paul McCartney handwritten letter to the artist Prince sold for slightly over £11,000.

Paul McCartney handwritten letter to Prince.

John Lennon’s Imagine Piano

In, 2000 the piano John Lennon used to write his Imagine, sold for £1.45 million. It was purchased by George Michael who used it to record an album then later donated to The Beatles Story Liverpool Museum. The hammer price reached £1.45m but Michael paid an extra 15% commission to the auction house, bringing the total to £1.67m.

John Lennon imagine piano george michael

Additionally, during the same auction, a blue Ferrari 330GT owned by John Lennon, restored by Dodi Fayed, also put up for auction by Mr Fayed’s father Harrods owner Mohammed al Fayed. In addition, it fetched £110,000.

Sgt Peppers Drum skin sells for over $1m

the beatles sgt peppers drum skin

The drum head which featured on the cover of The Beatles’ album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band sold for £541,250 ($1.07m), nearly four times the estimated price, at a Christie’s Rock and Pop auction in London. The famously painted bass drum used on the cover of the Beatles’ ground-breaking 1967 album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the drum skin painted in gold, red, blue, green, pink and magenta and mounted on hardboard.

Furthermore, the skin mounted on a matched rope tension wooden bass drum painted in regulation military blue and red, with laminated hardwood shell. Accompanied by a hand-written letter from Sir Peter Blake, stating This is to confirm that…I have examined the painted drum skin that appears on the L.P. record ‘Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club’ by The Beatles autograph value and that is the same drum skin and is the genuine, original one painted by Joe Ephgrave.


Authentic Beatles Autographs Value

These prices were up to date in 2018. Note, each year the Beatles autographs value will increase. If you’re looking to purchase any type of The Beatles autographs value, whether it’s fully signed or by an individual member. Please be aware of forgeries.  Additionally, the amount of fake Beatles autographs that are available online is unbelievable. Best to purchase from dealers who’re approved from Autograph Authorities such as UACC and AFTAL. Autograph Dealers, who offer a lifetime money back on authenticity on their signed items.

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This Beatles signed photograph obtained in 22nd Feb 1965, fully signed by the band. Sold in October 2019 for $22,000.

the beatles signed photo 22nd feb 1965