Where to buy authentic celebrity autographs? Genuine signed memorabilia

Where to buy authentic celebrity autographs? Genuine signed memorabilia.

A question we often get asked or hear is Where to buy authentic celebrity autographs? Well, this opens a large can of worms in the memorabilia and autograph business.


Autographs have become a big business in recent years from Collectors, Investors and fans of certain celebrities wanting a piece of memorabilia from their favourite stars. Thus saying, the money that can be involved in some of these are so high that it encouraged forgers to start replicating these to make quick money.

We have seen shops over the world especially in Las Vegas and London selling autographs, sadly many of them not authentic. Finding out what you have spent your money on isn’t genuine is really heartbreaking. Majority of the times the sellers have vanished and the chances of a refund is non existent.


Online auction sites have become a haven for many of these forgers. More and more sites have been appearing and sadly non of them do their research in what they sell. Half the time us collections believe the website don’t bother since they are making money which is sickening.



Who to buy autographs from?

Who is legit and safe to buy autographed memorabilia from? Now, this is where it can get tricky. Most sellers will offer a COA (Certificate of Authenticity), thos doesn’t mean much as anyone can print these off using word. I always say to people, when buying do your own research first, search for the company and see if there’s any negative reviews. Secondly, google the celebrities autograph or check our blog for autographs examples.

Also, buy from credited autograph dealers. They are two main govern bodies in the autograph industry. the UACC (Universal Autograph Collector’s Club). To become a registered autograph dealer with these clubs each member gets vetted by the group. These dealers should offer Lifetime Money Back Guarantee on their items they sell; the reason they can offer this is because their dealers know each autograph is 100% Authentic.

This would be our answer to: Where to buy authentic celebrity autographs?



Autograph memorabilia a Multi-Million industry

The signed memorabilia market is now a multi-million industry; with the result that the less honest sellers will simply create those items that are most in demand. This non-authentic material is then offered for sale on websites; Internet auctions, and through retail outlets around the UK and the States. Although easily spotted by an expert, hundreds of fake items are sold to unsuspecting collectors every day.



Music Autographs

Here at AutographSale, we specialise in music autographs. Being a massive music fan we started collecting autographs in 1998. When collectors and investors look for these, they are certain band that most try and get. The bands being the one’s who changed music such as Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Queen and AC/DC.

These are only a few but since we’ve been an autograph dealer these are the bands people crave for. Thus meaning, more forgeries can be found.

The beatles autographs mid 1963

The Rolling Stones signed photo card

led-zeppelin-autographs- LED ZEPPELIN MEMORABILIA



Movie Autographs

In the movie autograph industry they are three main stars who always out price anyone else in the industry. Usuaully, these are artists who died young and at times before they became famous. The investment opportunities in these stars can be so high that majority of us would have to remortgage our houses to buy.

Those main three are Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Bruce Lee.


They are a number of actors and actresses that also do Conventions; where they charge for you to meet them and get their autograph. I have personally met many nice movie stars such as Christopher Lloyd, Jean Claude Van Damme to name a few. Star Wars Autographs is also a great niche to start collecting for anyone wanting to start this hobby.


james dean authentic autograph

marilyn monroe autograph where to buy celebrity autographs

Bruce Lee autograph 1966 Kato




Sports Autographs

The majority of autograph collecting mainly lies at Sports Autographs, due to the fact they are so many different sports this field is massive. We are UK Based Autograph Dealers so we mainly stick to what sports we are familar with such as football, boxing and darts. Football is also a tricky subject due to the fact some footballer can fade in and out of the limelight so quickly that we tend to collect the bigger names such as Lionel Messi, Maradona, Pele etc. AutographSale would be a great place to start Where to buy authentic celebrity autographs?


messi autograph charity auction

pele autograph charity auction: Where to buy authentic celebrity autographs

Charity Autograph Fundraising Auctions | Glasgow Lanarkshire Area

Charity Autograph Fundraising Auctions | Glasgow Lanarkshire Area