Autograph Dealers UK – UACC Registered Dealers

Autograph Dealers UK – UACC Registered Dealers


AutographSale: one of the top Autograph Dealers UK – UACC Registered. All autographs come complete with our famous Lifetime Money Back Guarantee Certificate of Authenticity.


We hold private signing sessions and attend many conventions around the world to guarantee authenticity. Where possible we will include a photo of the person signing! Autographs can be fun and also an investment with prices of certain musicians and actors reaching phenomenal prices. Even though we are Autograph Dealers UK Based we sell worldwide.


They are many dealers around the world but we suggest you only buy from Autograph Dealers UK who have been approved by the main govern body in the industry; The UACC. Also, if you buy from a recognised dealer who offers a lifetime money back guarantee then you can never go wrong.


We have seen hundreds if not thousands of innocent buyers purchasing fakes then when they try to resell they find out their item is worthless. Don’t let this happen to you.





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